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To My Beloved
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This is a multi-shipping blog of hetero pairings involving canon girls from Hetalia.

You may request a particular pairing post through the "Message" box and I will try to accomodate your requests. Otherwise, posting will be random and out of whim~

May you enjoy your stay and find something you like on this humble page.
Anonymous sent:

Excuse me, I hope you don't mind me asking this but mind telling me who sings the wonderful song you have on your playlist 'Remember Me'? o v o

Hey there~ ^^ Thanks for stopping by and sure~
Remember Me is by Lee Hyori. Here is a youtube link.

Love Letter Day (PruHun Doujin Strip)


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PruHun in Letters  || J is for Jealous Boyfriend
 » Excerpt from 私たちの知らないもう1つの世界があるとしたら ||by Rukia

PruHun in Letters  || F is for Flower Ornament
 » Excerpt from 私たちの知らないもう1つの世界があるとしたら ||by Hisamaru

Excerpt from ¡Cásate conmigo! || ハネズ

Excerpt from DCassort || Chii/Daisychain

OTP Soundtrack || "Just Your Problem" PruHun side
     » Illustrations by: mamiko/saica
     » Lyrics based on: I’m Just Your Problem || Adventure Time || Marshall Lee version by Ashe

Happy Birthday, Prussia! || ❤ ♡ ❤ by あさと


This is long overdue, but I really just want to thank you all for all the kind words and support. Oh my gosh, I remember a particular time when I almost deleted this blog, hahah OTL~ I’m so glad I didn’t or I’d miss all of you wonderful wonderful people~

I read every single message/ask I receive, I promise. But if I haven’t answered yours, I’m sorry. Life gets in the way of everything OTL

To the ones who are requesting for more posts of particular pairings (specially if they’re in my main OTPs), don’t worry ^^ I always remember to post some when I have free time.

Let’s keep the heterotalia hype up!

Masterpiece by hitoger || Requested by its-spains-daughter-in-law

Illustration from 絶対本音ラヴ・ソング || にかど

Excerpt from:  絶対本音ラヴ・ソング || by イタネコ (Pixiv)

OTP Soundtrack || "Dear" NiWan side
     » Illustrations by: RMDolce+α, AYU
     » Lyrics from: Dear || 19’s Sound Factory || ShounenT version 
     » Requested by: bubbleteahime <3

bubbleteahime sent:

hello there! I think you have the most gorgeous blog ever and, um, I'm not sure if you do requests but I'd really love to see a Niwan edit with the song Dear? (I reccommend the ShounenT version but it was sang by Miku)

Thank you for the kind words. Oh my, I wasn’t familiar with the song, but as soon as I read Shounen-T’s name, I got intrigued, so I looked it up on YouTube and got addicted to the song. It’s such a wonderful, wonderful, glorious song that I don’t think just a post would do it justice. I would’ve made a music video, but I hardly have time for anything these days. So I will try my best dedicating a post to it. I hope you like it and thank you for recommending such a lovely song to me~ ^^